As a daughter of a Californian Mom, I believe in real home cooked food sourced from places & people you know. After leaving home at 16 I discovered & fell in love with the farmer’s markets of the world. 10 years in Paris deeply implanted the social, local, and culinary benefits of shopping for your food in an inspiring way. I even delved in to holding a stall for 6 months, which led me to working for @allypallyfm helping to promote the market through social media. Get in touch if you are a small artisan business looking for help in this area. I know the challenges of doing it all and love coming up with strategy & plan!

Blog-Kitchen Experiments

I am a self taught cook, my love of cooking started with experiments in the kitchen and continues to be what inspires me. This is my record of those experiments. Recipes and learnings from my successes but also failures will be part of this journey. Follow along and I promise to put up my favorite recipes & ideas.

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